Farnham One To One Dog Classes

Are you looking to increase the bond with your dog? Do you want to train your new puppy on a one to one basis? If so, look no further than Canine Kids in Farnham for one to one dog classes.

Dog training is essential for any dog and owner. Not only will it teach your dog all the skills they need to thrive in a domestic environment, but you'll have a happy, obedient and healthy dog that's a pleasure to be around.

By investing in one to one classes, we will be able to focus on you and your dog specifically. By having the one on one time, we can focus on their needs only, with a view to helping your dog overcome any behavioural difficulties or training problems. One to one training is intended for dogs with specific training problems or behavioural issues, and classes will be tailored to address the individual needs of your dog.

Here at Canine Kids, we offer a range of advanced training opportunities for your dog; from CK fun agility training to CK2 intermediate. Our staff are passionate about dog training, and always ensure each class is fun, as well as educational.

Visit our site today for more information, or give us a call on 01276 23770.

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