Experienced Puppy Socialisation Specialists In Surrey

Puppy socialisation involves exploding your little one to various experiences, including people, other animals and different environments, in a positive way. It's key for helping them develop into well-adjusted, confident, and friendly adult dogs.

Properly socialising a puppy has long-term benefits. Well-socialised dogs tend to be more adaptable, less stressed in new situations, and generally easier to handle.

When is the best time to start puppy socialisation classes?

The most sensitive period for socialisation is between 3 and 14 weeks of age. This is when puppies are most likely to form positive associations with new experiences. However, socialisation shouldn't stop after the critical period. Continued exposure to new experiences and situations throughout a dog's life helps reinforce their social skills and adaptability.

Our puppy socialisation specialists at Canine Kids will expose your puppies to other people and dogs in a positive and controlled environment. We can help prevent your dog developing fear, anxiety, and aggression in adult dogs.

Dogs which haven't been socialised might exhibit fear-based behaviours and have difficulties adjusting to new situations.

Did you know that puppy socialisation isn't just about exposure, but also involves training?

Our classes in Surrey include basic obedience training and teaching how to interact appropriately with people, other animals, and the environment are essential. During this process it's important to gradually introduce new experiences so you don't overwhelm your dog. Consistency is also key during all training.

We use positive reinforcement, such as treats, praise, and play. This encourages desired behaviours and helps build the puppy's confidence.

If you're looking for puppy socialisation classes near you in Surrey, contact us for more details.

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