Excellent One To One Support at Small Dog Classes in Surrey

Having a dog can be a wonderful experience, but owners also have a responsibility to have your pet properly trained.

Otherwise you can cause significant stress to yourself, your dog and anyone who encounters your four-legged friend out and about. We've all encountered someone whose dog has jumped up at them and covered them with muddy footprints!

Did you know that a woman was recently fined for her 'out of control' dog? The fine came after 27 reported incidents, including her failing to keep her dog under control around livestock. Her dog was also knocking people over, and chasing other dogs.

Because we have small training classes in Surrey, you will enjoy plenty of one-to-one support.

Our expert instructors can help socialise and teach your dog all the basics. We also have intermediate and advanced classes in Surrey. Canine Kids has many years of experience and is run by a highly qualified instructor.

Whatever the current experience of your pooch, we love making a genuine difference to your pet's future. With our kind and effective training, you can prevent all kinds of problems from arising.

Along with our classes, we can also offer one-to-one sessions at your home in Surrey.

Find out more about our dog training classes. Or get in touch with our team for more details.

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