Eversley One To One Dog Classes

Book our Eversley one to one dog classes when you're struggling with training

Do you have an unruly puppy that you can't seem to train? Maybe you have a dog which needs some special attention, and you'd like to address some certain behaviours? Whatever you're experiencing with your dog, you can rely on our one to one classes to give them the attention and education they deserve.

Our classes will be tailored to your needs

When training with us, we have experience working with a range of dogs with a range of issues, so nothing is too much trouble for us. We are dedicated to constantly improving our services and take great pride in our work.

Not only do we offer years of experience working in our field of expertise, but we work hard to provide a first-class customer service when working with you and your dog. Alongside our competitive rates and professional attitude; we offer a friendly, affordable and educational service that gets the job done.

To go ahead and book your classes, get in touch and drop us an email at karen@caninekids.co.uk or call our team on 01276 23770.

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New!!! Residential Training. Call 01276 23770