Essential Puppy Training Classes In Godalming

Invest in our puppy training classes in Godalming

Are you the proud owner of a puppy? Do you want to raise it to be a happy, healthy and well-behaved dog? If you want to give your puppy a great chance of turning into a happy dog, our puppy classes can make the world of difference.

At Canine Kids we can provide one to one classes and come to your home.

Whether you're having problems with commands or your puppy is showing early signs of aggression, we can help with your dog training in Godalming. Not only will it result in a better-behaved puppy, but it's likely to strengthen improve your relationship in the long-term.

We use positive reinforcement, as we don't believe in using any harsh methods to train a dog. Alternatively, we create calm, fun and practical learning environment where they can learn and flourish.

Whether you want to book our puppy classes, behavioural counselling or dog agility courses, we can offer flexible and affordable solutions to dog training.

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