Enjoy The Support Of Puppy Socialisation Specialists In Camberley

Pet ownership famously soared during the pandemic. Thousands of people have introduced a dog to their home over the past two years. Unfortunately, not all owners were prepared or knowledgeable in regards to training. However, it makes a huge difference in your experience in owning a dog.

Attending training classes is one of the best ways to spot early behavioural problems. It will ensure such issues don't develop further.

'Puppy socialisation' should be started as soon as possible to ensure your furry friend grows into confident, happy dogs

Our puppy socialisation classes in Surrey will prevent your dogs being fearful or stressed in uncertain situations. A well-socialised dog is more likely to be rule abiding. They'll have fewer behavioural problems and less likely to show aggression towards other dogs or people.

We have a fun and friendly atmosphere at all our classes, including those in Camberley. Our instructors teach reward-based training which is kind, fair and effective. Your puppy will enjoy techniques like clicker training and controlled off-lead socialising.

Canine Kids also have classes for dogs at all levels in Camberley, including intermediate and advanced training, rally obedience classes, fun agility sessions, and much more.

If you're seeking puppy socialisation specialists in Camberley, find out more about Canine Kids. Or contact our friendly team today.

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