Dog Training in Surrey

If like many others you are the proud owner of a dog, then you’ll know all too well how much hard work they can be. Whilst they give us the love and affection they need, they can also display some nasty habits. If you’re looking to invest in dog training in Surrey, we are here to help.

Whether your dog is displaying toilet troubles, issues with taking commands or having trouble interacting with other dogs, training is the right way forward. By investing in training, not only can you train your dog using the right methods, but you can also increase the bond between you both.

Here at Canine Kids, we offer an array of dog training classes in the Surrey and Hampshire area. Not only are all of our classes fun and educational, but you also get the chance to socialise with like-minded individuals.

As professional dog trainers we know how to work different breeds of dogs with a variety of behavioural problems. We are passionate about giving every dog the attention and training that they deserve. To book a place on one of our fantastic courses, call us today on 01276 23770.

New!!! Residential Training. Call 01276 23770