Dog Training In Hampshire

Has your dog received training yet? Dog training is all about modifying and improving the behaviour of your dog. Dogs need to be trained to ensure that they are obedient, and respond appropriately to everyday domestic situations. If a dog is to thrive in a domestic environment, then training is vital.

Rewards-based training classes are the answer for every puppy or adult dog. Training helps to ensure that your dog is obedient and responds to commands as and when you make them. Training will also provide your dog with mental stimulation. If you want to embark on dog training and you're based in Hampshire, then look to Canine Kids.

Our classes will help to develop the bond between you and your dog, while allowing your dog to develop positive traits and characteristics and eradicating any behavioural problems. We cover all aspects of dog training, from puppy socialisation to advanced dog training.

Training is important for every dog, and we can help you ensure that your dog is trained properly.

New!!! Residential Training. Call 01276 23770