Discover Our One-to-One Dog Training In Surrey

Having problems with your dog chewing, pulling on the lead, or chasing your cat?

Often your dog's behaviour can seem puzzling, but once you understand what motivates them it can make all the difference. All dogs need the right training if you want to enjoy living with them. It also helps to keep your dog happy, as it's stressful for your pet if they receive inconsistent messaging.

Canine Kids delivers both classes and one-to-one training in Surrey.

The latter is ideal if you want to train your dog in the familiar environment of your own home. One-to-one training is perfect for dealing with all sorts of common problems, from issues with toilet training to stealing food, biting and crate training.

When training your dog, unless you're preparing them for Krufts, you want to give them skills that are applicable to everyday life. Our dog classes in Surrey are brilliant for both essential training, although we also have classes for teaching dogs special skills.

Canine Kids is owned and managed by Karen Lockey-Kennedy, a highly experienced and fully qualified dog trainer and behaviourist. Both qualified and experienced, she loves helping owners train their dogs to the finest standards.

If you're looking for one-to-one dog training in Surrey, find out more about Canine Kids today. Or don't hesitate to contact our team for more information.

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