Discover Our One To One Dog Classes In Surrey

Do you find it hard to fit dog training classes into your schedule?

Our one-to-one classes in Surrey could be the ideal solution. Indeed, many problems are much easier to deal with in a home environment, where your dog feels most comfortable.

Often working in Surrey, Canine Kids offer this type of training to tackle many common problems, including:

  • Puppy biting. Having a puppy that nips is not only unpleasant, but it can be dangerous. It's crucial to teach your dog that this isn't acceptable behaviour. Puppies often do this when excited but it can be a sign of fear or frustration. They might also be teething.
  • House training. In order to enjoy having a dog as a pet, they must be properly trained around your home. We can offer classes in Surrey that cover all aspects of house training.
  • Chasing the cat. A dog needs to learn early to get along with your cat. Otherwise, your home will be an unpleasant place for your feline to live. One-to-one training is a great way to prevent this problem.
  • Stealing, whether it's food or items from the bin. Some dogs like the attention they receive from stealing, while others just love food! Our team in Surrey will always tailor our services to reflect your dog's unique needs.
  • Crate training which is one of the first basic processes a dog needs to learn.

If you're seeking one to one dog classes in Surrey, find out more about Canine Kids today.

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