Create A Confident, Happy Dog With Our Training In Farnham

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes.. From long and short-legged dachshunds, and dotty dalmatians, to newly popular breeds like the Labradoodle, our canine friends are as varied as people. What every dog has in common is the need to have proper training.

It takes a cursory watch at any TV programme on poorly behaved dogs to see why. A poorly trained dog not only causes problems, they can feel deeply unhappy. This is because when they don't understand the rules or feel comfortable in unfamiliar situations, it leads to significant stress.

Canine Kids is available for dog training at all levels throughout Surrey, including Farnham.

From puppy socialisation classes through to advanced training, we help canines at any age. We're available at various venues including Seale Village Hall in Farnham.

Our team of instructors is committed to delivering the finest standard of training. We want to help owners in Surrey to prevent common problems that cause stress for them and their pets. All classes only use kind, reward-based methods with no dominance theories involved.

Once your puppy has been socialised, you might want to bring them to our Ck Dog1 Classes, which is ideal for dogs aged 18 weeks and over.

Find out more about our dog training in Farnham or simply contact our team for more information.

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