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Are you welcoming a puppy to your life this summer?

Frisky, fun and mischievous, a puppy is a joy to be around! However, the early years are also the best time to start training, so your puppy will grow into a well-behaved adult. You should start teaching your puppy as soon as possible so you enjoy good levels of communication throughout their life.

In particular, ensuring they're socialised around other dogs will prevent problems when you're out and about.

Canine Kids offer training classes in a variety of locations, including Farnham, for puppies aged 18 weeks and under.

Our puppy socialisation classes deliver basic training, problem solving and prevention. Taking place in a controlled environment, your puppy will be taught not to commit a variety of bad behaviours, including biting, jumping up, and much more. They will also learn how to do everything from walking to heel to recall, 'leave it' and 'drop'!

Canine Kids are passionate about dog training and only use reward-based methods, with no force ever involved. This is the most modern and effective method for teaching your puppy to obey the rules. All our classes are small and take place in a relaxed environment.

If you need expert puppy training in Farnham, find out more about Canine Kids or drop us a line today.

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