Camberley One To One Dog Classes

Are you based in Camberley and looking to invest in one to one dog classes?

Having a dog is perhaps one of the most rewarding ventures we get to experience. Children and adults equally love them and upon first introducing a dog to the family, they quickly become a family member. Whilst they bring us joy and happiness, they can also portray some nasty habits. Whether your dog is having problems playing with other dogs, experiencing toilet troubles, or isn’t responding to your commands, we are here to help.

The beauty of our one to one classes is that we can learn at you and your dogs pace, focusing all of our attention on you both. With our one to one classes, you can learn dog friendly methods to get the best out of your dog. With a happy, well-trained dog at your side, you’ll be able to get the most out of having a dog.

At Canine Kids, we are passionate about ensuring that the bond between you and your dog is the strongest it's ever been. We make our classes educational, but fun, and packed with plenty of action and adventure!

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