Benefits Of Puppy Training Classes In Fleet

Could you benefit from our puppy training classes in Fleet?

It's understood that the first year of a puppy's life is the most important. It's during this time when a puppy should begin training to help them comfortable in various environments and tackle any training issues early on.

During these training lessons, they will get the change to learn how to respond to and obey all the basic commands while preventing unwanted behaviour such as jumping up or biting. It's also a great time to nip any other issues that are causing you concern in the bud.

All our training methods here at Canine Kids are modern, friendly and supportive.

We are here to help you learn the necessary skills that are required to make sure your puppy learns right from wrong. This includes everything from how to toilet train, not to bite, how to sit and be walked correctly and how to greet other dogs.

If you need puppy socialisation specialists within the Fleet area, look to Canine Kids. Please do not hesitate to contact our team on 01276 23770 if you have any questions about the dog training services we provide. We look forward to hearing from you!

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