Beneficial One To One Dog Classes Around Surrey

Could you benefit from our Surrey based one to one dog classes?

Whether you're having issues training a puppy, your rescue dog is showing signs of intimidation and aggression, or you simply want it to stop chasing other dogs in the park, we can help with your dog training.

Not only will it result in a better-behaved dog, but it's likely to strengthen your bond and improve your relationship.

At Canine Kids we our one to one classes are the best option for dogs that need that extra bit of love and attention. Without the distraction of others, we can spend time training them and teaching you the best ways to get them to behave and respond to commands.

Whether you have a puppy or a recue dog, at Canine Kids we're here to help get the very best out of your dog.

In addition to our one to one classes, we also offer a range of other classes such as advanced agility, group classes and behavioural counselling.

By using appropriate training, we're able to get the best out of your dog without using any harsh methods. If you'd like to book our dog training classes, call now on 01276 23770.

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