Basic And Advanced Dog Training In Camberley

Dogs are amazing creatures, and some of our most loyal friends. When carrying out training, it's useful to consider how dogs operate and what motivates them.

Dominance theories have long been discredited and found to be bad for your pooch. That's why Canine Kids never use them. Both our basic and more advanced training in Camberley only ever uses the kindest methods, including clicker training.

Did you know, a dog's sense of smell is 40 times stronger than a human being's? They also have super-sensitive hearing. Dogs hear at much higher frequencies than we do. Some studies have found that dogs can learn up to 100 words and gestures. All of these facts come in useful when carrying out training.

Get your dog the training they need with Canine Kids in Surrey.

Camberley is one of the many locations we cover in Surrey, where we train both puppies and older dogs. Our advanced training includes Pup2, Agility, Rally, Tricks and workshops.

If you've recently introduced a puppy to your household, our puppy socialisation classes are the ideal starting point. These classes are perfect for puppies aged 18 weeks and under, with our clicker training delivering fast results.

Designed to help spot early problems, classes include a course booklet and clicker.

If you need basic or advanced dog training in Camberley, simply contact our team for more information.

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