Affordable One To One Dog Training In Surrey

One to one training doesn't have to be expensive. Canine Kids offers competitively priced one-to-one home visits, ideal for those who can't get to our classes.

With prices starting from only £55 plus travelling, we will come to your home in Surrey to help train your dog. Home training offers many benefits including the fact your dog is learning in a familiar environment. With issues like chasing the cat, it obviously helps to be in close proximity to the other animal.

Our services include pre-school visits for puppies. This is brilliant in the early stages, when you've just recently brought them home.

New puppies can be hard work, with problems like biting, chasing the cat and house training common issues that we support our clients with. However, it can also be great fun, with puppies well-known for being bundles of happiness!

During these sessions we will cover any concerns you may have, along with helping you with basic training. This type of one-to-one training is particularly ideal if you've never had a puppy before.

Canine Kids delivers both classes and one-to-one training sessions.

We also hold dog training classes throughout Surrey and Hampshire, including those for puppies. Canine Kids offers excellent discounts for anyone booking blocks of classes or training sessions.

If you're looking for expert dog training in Surrey, simply contact our team for more information.

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