Affordable And Effective Dog Training In Camberley

Is your dog often aggressive towards other dogs? Or is your puppy constantly chewing up your sofa?

Dogs have never been more popular and at their best, they can enrich our lives and become our most faithful companions. However, many new and even experienced owners struggle to keep their dog under control. Training is important for many different reasons, including ensuring you communicate effectively with your pet.

The right training will ensure you and your dog have the best relationship possible.

Canine Kids offer a number of classes for dogs of all ages, including those in Camberley, Surrey. From puppy classes to advanced training, we love helping owners improve the behaviour of their pooch, both inside and outside the home.

Our classes in Camberley include those for beginners, specifically designed for puppies over 18 weeks, adolescent or adult dogs.

No matter if you're late to training or you've welcomed a rescue dog into your life, this course could be the ideal choice. Your dog will learn all the basics, including:

  • How to sit down, stay, walk to heal
  • Recall, leave it, toy play and drop.
  • How to stop unwanted behaviours such as biting, jumping up, recall and stealing.

Our team can also advise on any other problems you may be experiencing. Good communication between you and your dog is essential for getting the results you want. We only ever use kind and fair training methods.

If you need expert dog training in Camberley, Surrey, don't hesitate to contact our team for more information.

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