7 Reasons To Attend Our Puppy Socialisation Classes In Surrey

Just like human children, puppies are highly impressionable in their first few months. This is the time to help them learn and grow into a confident, rule abiding dog. For dogs a socialisation period in their first few months of life is important. Positive new experiences help them become more assured in a range of situations.

Socialisation is highly important to help them become a friendly and confident adult. Here are just 7 reasons to attend our puppy socialisation classes in Surrey:

  1. We use friendly methods to train your furry friend, with no dominance training involved.
  2. You and your dog will enjoy speedy results, with methods including clicker training.
  3. Classes are all delivered by experienced and qualified instructors who use scientific techniques.
  4. Our vet-recommended training in Surrey uses a calm and relaxed approach. It’s the ideal place to meet fellow dog owners and get your dog used to other people and animals.
  5. We help your dog learn the basics and tackle any behavioural problems before they develop into major issues.
  6. Our puppy socialisation classes in Surrey take place during that key stage of development, being suitable for dogs aged 18 weeks and up.
  7. We offer short intensive training for those who want results quicker.

Discover more reasons to choose our puppy socialisation classes in Surrey or contact our team for more details.

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