10 Reasons To Choose Our Puppy Training Classes In Surrey

Canine Kids specialists in essential dog training for everyday life. Our wide range of classes in Surrey includes those designed for puppies.

Here are just 10 reasons to choose us for your dog training this summer:

  1. All our instructors are highly trained and qualified. Canine Kids is run by a fully qualified instructor who is an expert in dog behaviour. She is a Professional Dog Behaviour Counsellor and Training Specialist with a BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour & Biomedical Science.
  2. We train puppies 18 weeks and under, so you can get started as soon as possible. This beginner's training will give your puppy an excellent start in life.
  3. Canine Kids also deliver more advanced training for older dogs.
  4. Our puppy socialisation classes in Surrey teach them basic training and solve many common problems.
  5. We run our training at a range of venues in Surrey, so it's easy to find a location near you.
  6. Canine Kids also deliver one-to-one training which takes place in your home.
  7. Other services include behaviour counselling for issues like separation anxiety, resource guarding, or aggression towards people or other dogs.
  8. We also hold workshops in Surrey and other locations, including those for urban or rural dogs.
  9. With our monthly refresher workshops, you can boost your dog's skills.
  10. Our puppy training classes are a brilliant way to meet other dog owners.

Discover more reasons to choose our dog training. Or simply contact us for more information.

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