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Ck Pup1 - Puppy Socialisation


Development and Training Stage One
Socialisation / Basic Training / Problem Solving and Prevention
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About Caninekids Puppy Classes
Our puppy classes are a combination of socialisation, training, solving puppy problems and preventing behaviour problems in the future. Our classes provide you and your puppy opertunity for early socialisation in a controlled environment. As well as this your puppy will learn all the basics, sit , down, stay, walking to heal, recall, leave it, toy play and drop. You will learn how to stop unwanted behaviours such as puppy biting, jumping up and stealing. We can obviously help and give advise on any other problems you may be experincing,whether its house training issues, or chasing the cat.

When can you start?
The answer is, 'as soon as possible'. Caninekids Puppy Classes are specially designed for puppies 18 weeks and under, during their critical period of development where socialisation is vital. Puppies are welcome to join our courses as soon as they have started their vaccination programme and have permission from their vet to socialise with other vaccinated dogs. Your puppy's brain is like a sponge and they learn behaviours by the second. Now is the time to start your training. Training your puppy early means you have a good level of communication between you and your puppy from the start. You will learn the basics and understand how to stop unwanted behaviours such as puppy biting, jumping up and stealing.

Only Reward Based Methods - No Force!
At caninekids we use modern, kind and effective methods of training. We use a combination of clicker training, and an extensive understanding of learning theory, dog behaviour and psychology. We do not use force, choke chains or shout. You will achieve much more and get a better response from your puppy if you work with them rather than against them. We want both you and your puppy to enjoy the classes. It's amazing watching your puppies use their brain and learn. Hopefully you will find it as rewarding as I do.

Small classes with a Relaxed and Stress Free Environment
All classes are small in size with a maximum of 7 puppies to provide a good level of individual attention and maintain a high level of management. With the experience of being able to read body language and assess behaviour we can indicate potential problems early on and provide professional advise to prevent development into adulthood. Stress levels are kept to a minimum and classes remain relaxed and full of fun.

Short & Intensive Courses - Exceptional results in just 4 weeks!
With our methods puppies learn very quickly and you achieve a lot in the 4 weeks more than you might imagine. It is intensive, you will be working continually in the hour session. This is important, if you don't keep your puppy working they will get bored and pick up bad behaviours in class such as barking, lunging at other dogs or mouthing their owners. Often longer courses may seem good value for money but depending on the number of people in a class and how well it is run you may find that after 10 or 12 weeks you havn't achieved as much as you would have hoped and you may find your puppy has picked up some bad habits along the way. As well as getting such great results we do find that 4 weeks fits unto busy schedules much better than a long course.

The more you teach your puppy at the start, the more they will understand how to behave and respond in the future. The only way to achieve good communication between you and your dog is to train them how to behave in certain scenarios. Other wise they will simply repeat what they find rewarding as they don't know any different!

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Contolled Off Lead Socialising
Designed specifically for puppies 18 weeks and under
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